How to Make Rosemary Bay Leaf Smudge Sticks For Healing & Protection

DIY Smudge Sticks: The Perfect Recipe For Spiritual Healing & Protection

Weather you’ve used a smudge stick before or you’re entirely new to smudging, welcome to my little tailored-just-for-you DIY Smudge stick guide, created especially to bring healing and protection.

Smudging began thousands of years ago among Indigenous Native American tribes as a way of clearing negative or stagnant energy from a space or person. As the smoke from the herbs rise and spread, it clings to the bad energies and clears them as the smoke dissipates. You can either burn your dried herbs in a bowl, or make your own smudge sticks.

This particular recipe combination added with some warming affirmations will be sure to bring happiness and comfort to your body as well as the space you’re cleansing.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fresh or dried Sage
  • Fresh or dried Rosemary
  • Fresh or dried Bay Leaves
  • Cotton thread or twine
  • Patience (if using fresh herbs)
  • Scissors


Why Sage?

Sage is known as THE best herb for purification and protection. It’s use dates back millennia, back to Indigenous Native American tribes for its powerful protective properties. Sage is probably the most commonly smudged herb, but mixing it up with some other ingredients (like Rosemary & Bay leaves!) give it an extra healing boost.


Why Bay Leaves?

Where to begin?! Outside of adding flavour, I didn’t know just how much bay leaves are good for. Bay Leaves are calming herbs which contain powerful compounds that, when burned, produce a nerve-soothing effect as well an uplifting energy boost. Inhaling the medicinal properties of a burning bay leaf is known to put you in a relaxed state of mind and dispel feelings of fatigue and anxiety.


Why Rosemary?

Rosemary is a powerful herb with equally powerful abilities. It’s presence on the body aids in memory and learning, while it’s also associated with love, friendship and remembrance. However, it’s the protective qualities of this herb that make it perfect for this smudge stick recipe.



How to Make Your Healing Smudge Sticks


Step 1

Lay your herbs out on a flat, clean and dry surface.


Step 2

Begin by gathering your herbs together piece by piece.  In terms of thickness you’ll want your smudge stick to be at least 4/5 cm wide, and for length you’ll want them no longer than 12/13 cm (for a long one) and around 8 cm for a small one. Overall, you’ll want them shaped similarly to a cigar. Like the shape of these cedar leaf smudge sticks…

Step 3

Start wrapping your string from the bottom up. You’ll want a good few layers of string on the bottom (around the stems) so they don’t fall apart. From there, work your way up wrapping securely but not so tight as to suffocate your herbs.  Once you’re satisfied with your wrapping, tie a knot and cut off any excess string.


Step 4


If using fresh herbs hang or lay your smudge sticks out to dry. This is where the patience comes in because this could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Make sure you keep them somewhere clean, safe and dry. The last thing you want is them getting wet, sticky or ruined after spent time making them.


Step 5

Once they’ve fully dried up and are ready to go, light her up!


Bonus Step 6…

Try Including Some Affirmations to Boost The Healing Power of Your Smudging!

Affirmations are powerful tools, all the more powerful when used in cahoots with smudge sticks. This particular smudge stick recipe has been especially created for the purpose of healing and protection, so infusing some affirmations of the same nature into the mix, you’re essentially directing the energy of the herbs with your intention. You can start with the affirmations below, or shake them up to suit you.


  • I am thankful for all that I am and all that I have
  • I am thankful to have this experience of life
  • I am thankful for our binary existence, and that to understand happiness, I must also experience sadness.
  • I believe that I am always safe and secure in the hands of my creator
  • I allow my body to become an environment for healing.
  • I invite happiness into my existence


Have fun with this, open your heart and mind to the magically revitalising capabilities of smudging herbs. I can first hand vouch for the incredibly raw sense of bliss you feel after a smudging ceremony, every time without fail, so I implore you to give it a try.


I’m Lilli, and I help people cleanse unwanted and negative energy from their mind, body, soul and space in order to be the best version of themselves. I’m a Reiki practitioner, Alkalnie Nutritionist, Complemtary therapist, Freelance writer and I work from home while raising my heaven sent son.

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