DIY Smudge Sticks: How to Cleanse Bad Energy With Rosemary Basil Smudge Sticks

Cleansing Negative Energy: DIY Smudge Stick Recipe for Happiness & Comfort

If you aren’t familiar with smudging, I’m sure once you’ve given this blissfully cleansing recipe a go you’ll be hooked along with the rest of us smudge-fanatics. But just to give you a quick run down, smudging is a ceremony that originated with indigenous tribes and still used worldwide today. It involves the burning of sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing, which happens when the negative energy dissolves with the smoke.

This particular recipe combination alongside some warming affirmations will bring happiness and comfort to your body and the space you’re cleansing.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fresh or dried Rosemary
  • Fresh or dried Lavender
  • Fresh or dried basil leaves
  • Cotton thread or twine
  • Patience (if using fresh herbs)
  • Scissors


Why Rosemary?

Rosemary is a soothing herb. Some people even use rosemary in door wreaths as it has a powerful protective and peaceful energy.



Why Basil?

However used, basil is known to have a range of healing and health boosting properties and is known is India as ‘Holy Basil’ for these reasons. Not only is smudging basil known to steady your mind and bring peace to your sacred space, it’s an uplifting herb said to have antidepressant qualities to it.




Why Lavender?

Linked with the Heart Chakra, Lavender is known to bring calmness, peace, joy and healing. If you’ve got a stick left over after you’ve made your smudge sticks, place them under your pillow for some added protection and calming.






How to Make Your Smudge Sticks


Step 1

Lay your fresh (or dried) herbs out on a clean, flat and dry surface.


Step 2

One by one start bundling your herbs together holding them from the stems. In terms of thickness you’ll want the top portion of your smudge stick to be at least 4/5 cm wide, and for length you’ll want it to be no longer than 12/13 cm (for a long one) and around 8 cm for a small one. Overall, you’ll want them to be shaped similarly to a cigar. Like so…


Step 3

Start by wrapping from the bottom up. Initially you’ll want to wrap the string around a good few times from the stems to ensure they don’t fall apart. From there, work your way up wrapping securely but not so tight as to suffocate your herbs.  Once you’re satisfied with your wrapping, tie a knot and cut off any excess.

Step 4

If using fresh herbs hang or lay your smudge sticks out to dry. This is where the patience comes in because this could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Make sure you keep them somewhere safe and dry! The last thing you want is them getting wet, sticky or ruined after spent time putting them together.


Step 5

Light her up!


Affirmations are all the more powerful when used in cahoots with smudge sticks. Because this combination has been put together for the purpose of inviting happiness and comfort into your home/body how about some of the affirmations below to boost the cleansing process?

  • I am thankful for all that I am and all that I have
  • I am safe
  • I open my heart to love
  • I invite happiness into my existence


I hope you enjoy smudging this wonderful recipe and bask within its glorious cleansing qualities. Let me know how you get on in the comments below!


I’m Lilli, and I help people cleanse unwanted and negative energy from their mind, body, soul and space in order to be the best version of themselves. I’m a Reiki practitioner, Alkalnie Nutritionist, Complemtary therapist, Freelance writer and I work from home while raising my heaven sent son.

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