5 Inspiring, Spiritually Uplifting People + Resources The Internet Has To Offer

The internet can be such an mentally exhausting place where it’s so easy to spend hours scrolling through tons of crappy content leaving you bleary eyed by the end of the day wondering which app you’ve not rinsed yet.

I’ve been guilty of this, but a little while ago I made the choice to spend my time on the internet more wisely with what I like to call ‘Conscious Scrolling.’ So if I have a spare 10 or 15 minutes, rather than mindlessly flicking through social media or reading some article I’m not actually interested in, I use this time to find and connect with inspiring content or people or resources and wow! I forgot the internet wasn’t so bad after all.

This simple habit change has led me to some brilliant discoveries of fascinating humans and resources, so inspiring that I could not help but share them out into the Mumbo’s stratosphere – and here they are!


Wim Hof: aka The Iceman

The story of this chap will seriously knock the wind out of your sails. After the death of his wife, Wim sought out unthinkable challenges and discovered the ability not only to withstand extreme cold with his unique breathing method (you can even attend a workshop to learn it) but to fight off disease using only his inner voice and breath. You might find him jogging up snowy mountains in just boxers, or maybe down below on this Vice documentary. Scientists have tested his method on himself and on students to whom he’s taught his method and they were absolutely stunned as to what they were presented with. What an incredible story from an incredible man.


Christina Sutra

She’s not famous, I doubt many people will have heard from her outside of her loyal Instagram following (IG: Christina Sutra) but she’s definitely a soul worth following. She’s a mother of three and bears her art and soul to the world with pure, shameless and aspirational authenticity. Although I don’t know her I feel such a connection to her and she continues to inspire me with her creative empire and holistic parenting approach. She’s very active on her Instagram stories and tapping my way through them is so therapeutic/informative/inspiring/enlightening. She constantly reminds me of my raw undeniable power as a living being and my ability to manifest whatever the hell I want.


James Be:

I don’t even remember how I found this account. At the time it was called ‘Hu Man’, but one day there he was. I feel blessed to have stumbled across this source of seemingly infinite wisdom. He breaks down the most spiritually complex topics in such an understandable way, and it always seems that his messages find me at the right time. I leave his online presence feeling enlightened and motivated to unlearn all I think I know


Tao Porchon-Lynch:

There are some people in this world who literally radiate peace and serenity. This wonderful woman is one of them. She started practising Yoga at the age of 8 in 1926 and today at 99 years old (!!!!!) she still teaches up to six classes A WEEK! Words don’t do her justice, just google her and thank me later.


Earth Bag Houses:

Un-be-lie-va-ble! Not only is construction brilliantly sustainable and cost-effective, it’s also incredibly flexible in that you can literally create a home of any shape or size using using this method. They’re super resilient and are capable of surviving extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes and strong winds.

Have a look at this incredible variety of Earthbag houses compiled by Morning Chores.

Ted Talks: ‘Fake It Till You Become It’

I first watched this video at what now feels like such a strange time in my life. I didn’t really understand much about myself and felt so low and out of control of my feelings. I watched this video and it changed everything. My perception of confidence, my ability to manifest myself into whoever and whatever I want to be. Now that I look back I realise how profound an effect this video has had on my life.


SkillShare is an online learning platform which includes both free and paid services. I’m not always the best student but I am always open to learning new things, and some of these courses are so short but still super informative across a diverse range of subjects, so it’s great for me.

432 Hz Tuning:

I’m just throwing this one in here because this is my ish. I find it hard to concentrate when listening to music with lyrics, so when I throw on some 432Hz healing music, music my soul is satisfied and my mind is channelling all the focus and creative and loving energies I need. It’s perfect for yoga, writing, painting, meditating, cooking, showering, you name it. It’ll leave you feeling energised, refreshed and connected.

…I’ll just leave this here to finish off.

Peace, love and light.



I’m Lilli, and I help people cleanse unwanted and negative energy from their mind, body, soul and space in order to be the best version of themselves. I’m a Reiki practitioner, Alkalnie Nutritionist, Complemtary therapist, Freelance writer and I work from home while raising my heaven sent son.

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